Workish: Reader Mail!

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Every day here at Workish, we receive hundreds of dozens of maybe 1–2 letters asking for advice about work, productivity, and the latest lifestyle hacks.

And even though we spend most of our time multitasking between key performance indicators like revising to-do lists and rearranging toolbar folders on Chrome, we’re always happy to share decades (actually hours) of knowledge expertise.

So here are answers to some of the most pressing questions from our readers. For ongoing reference, you can refer to this article by printing it out and re-reading it anytime you’d like. We’re happy to share content. After all, this isn’t the Harvard Business Review.

How can I manage an overflowing inbox?— Dawn from Regina

Great question, Dawn. Remember the Workish rule on prioritizing emails: if it’s really important, they’ll call. There’s a simple way to summit the Mount Everest of digital management: it’s called Delete Everything. Similar to Inbox Zero, Delete Everything eliminates the need to read emails or send responses. Simply open your inbox, click “select all,” then click “delete.” You’ll gain a calm disposition, clearer mind, and sharper focus…giving you time for more important tasks like unfollowing people on Twitter to appear more popular or throwing away your iPhone 6.

What types of food will make me more productive? — Don from Kamloops

Don, you’re obviously up to speed on the latest bio-trends in nutrition and high performance. Way to go. Most influencers, gurus, and thought leaders suggest a blended diet of magnesium supplements, Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, and an MEC tumbler with structured water. If you’re thinking that this sounds like food we’ll eat once the aliens land on Earth and transform our world into a dystopic agri-corporate galactic colony, you’re right. Stick with toast.

I need to win this next business pitch. Any advice?— Dawn from Montreal

For new sales pitches, connect obscure quotations from early 1900’s business mavens to a narrow-focused creative brief. For example, draw a conclusion between George Westinghouse’s take on railway signal improvements and your proprietary build process for Country Crock’s new microsite. We recommend bookmarking BrainyQuote on your smartphone home screen for easy access. Just fake a new call, leave the room, search for quotes about electricity, and return for the home run.

Can you summarize “The Corporate Athlete” by Jack Groppel? I’m too busy to read the whole thing.— Don from Cobalt

It basically just says you should do better at everything.

I heard TV anchors get up at 4 am. Should I get up at 4 am? — Dawn from Hamilton

Absolutely. To achieve your maximum Workish potential, plan to rise at 4, turn off your alarm, then set a new more realistic alarm for 7 or 8. This way you’ll technically “get the worm” while simultaneously obtaining an amount of sleep required by a normal human being. Don’t forget to lay out your clothes a full month in advance, organizing outfits into pre-labeled bins classified like plastic pill boxes.

In three words: how can I improve my presentation skills?— Don from Whitehorse

Get a Megaphone.

We live close to Alaska!— Don from Dawson