Know your Workish Personality Tests

Workish Personality Inventory stock bit.png

With an estimated $4 billion in annual revenue, the corporate personality evaluation industry is thriving like an ENTP in the HOV lane. But these tests are nothing new: the first individual assessments were developed in the 1920’s to demonstrate an employee’s ability to fill time at teambuilding off sites.

The most popular identity profiles include the self-reporting Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the socio-analytic Hogan Index, the style-based DISC Behavior Inventory, and the color-coded Hartman Profile (which orders human motivation into four categories: power, intimacy, peace, and fun). And though these classic models are still in use, companies are developing new psychological profiles to deliver creative insights in impactful ways.

Accordingly, here are several innovative evaluations sure to make their way to breakout rooms at next month’s offsite at a Hilton near you.


What Color is Your Red Parachute?

Following the reliability of the personality color wheel, the What Color is Your Red Parachute? focuses on individual traits with a Zodiac-like level of predictability. With a fast & easy set-up (just hand a packed red parachute to each participant and ask them to identify the object’s chroma), this answer key will help determine the following social tendencies:

A.) Red = Extrovert

B.) Red = Introvert

C.) Red = Ambivert

D.) Kinda Red = Try Again


The Tennis Player Index

Ace your ability to predict a worker’s capacity to execute assignments and solve problems by knowing their hypothetical approach to playing tennis. Simply ask the subject to respond to the simple query: “If I was playing tennis against Pete Sampras, I would _______…”

A.) “Charge the Net” = Duty Fulfiller

B.) “Hang on the Back Line” = Protector

C.) “Go for the Lob” = Scientist

D.) “Who’s Pete Sampras?” = RISKY HIRE


Is Back to the Future a Rom-Com or Sci-Fi?

A self-reporting and highly objective film-related examination, this inquiry involves metaphysical theory for which participants must respond. Ask: “Is the 1985 hit Back to the Future a rom-com or a sci-fi?” with scoring as follows:

A.) “Rom-Com” = Compliant

B.) “Sci-Fi” = Detail Oriented

C.) “Actually, both movie genres inherently deal with time travel” = Inspiring

D.) “Neither” = Cautious


Are You a Robot?

With the onset of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, you’ll soon have to demonstrate your existence as a human being. Similar to Alan Turing’s 1950 trial determining a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior indistinguishable from that of a human, the Are You a Robot? test is like a real-life version of those Captcha fields you see when getting tickets to Coldplay (with special guest Nickelback) at the ACC.

Tally replies as following when interpreting answers to the question: “Are you a robot?”

A.) “Yes, I am a robot” = Not a robot

B.) “No, I am not a robot” = Not a robot

C.) “I don’t understand the question” = A ROBOT

D.) “1001001…” = Press “Reset” and start again.