The Workish Cocktail Menu

Workish Cocktail Menu stock bit.png

From Spiked Chocolate Milkshakes to Royal Wedding Punch, specialty drinks are all the rage. But even though bartenders have been blending creative concoctions for over a hundred years, themed corporate events have incorporated the art of mixology since the middle ages. Case in point: in 1215, the world’s first web design firm Runnymede Digital toasted to King John’s video-driven microsite with a “Magna Carta Brandywine.” Look it up.

Go to any business conference these days and you’ll find customized drink themes for launches, turning points, and anniversaries. But most offerings are relegated to last-minute sponsorship activations with little insight into user demographics, and simpler crowds often prefer more subtle and uncomplicated Mad Men Manhattans.

So if you’re looking to shakes things up, double down with a more unique Workish bill of fare featuring these tailor-made cocktail ideas celebrating everyday office life.

Creative Briefing Bubbletini

Similar to a cascade of never-ending details in client briefing documents, this mix offers every ingredient under the sun: cranberry, grapefruit, orange, cranberry, lime, cherry, honeydew, blueberry, apple, more blueberry, agave, even more cranberry, a spritz of citrus, and why not just a bit more cranberry just to be safe. This carbonated delight is best when matched with 3-ring binders and dry erase boards.

Expense Report Pale Ale

Add hop to your step during bitter deskwork with this light malt, which is ideal when paired with Clif bars, calculators, and last-minute requests for deadline extensions. After all, organizing and coding monthly credit card receipts requires a strong tonic balancing an understanding flavor with an emotionally supportive character.

Key Account Status Meeting 18-Year

The best in life comes to those who wait…and this oaken blend of old-world grains is no exception. A champion selection when joined by groups of 6 or more, this brave off-season particular looks great on paper, offering a shiny exterior with undefined notes of intermittent something or other. Big data, consumer insights and pre-prepared redirection bring a neat finish to the long anticipated high-spirited assemblage. Best when served onsite with contracts and ink pens.

Waiting on Procurement Vodka & Ice

Standing by for a reply to your time-sensitive work order can seem longer than last year’s winter at Queens Quay. With clear spirits, you get what you pay for: and the warmer the outreach, the better the response time. With proprietary ice sourcing from 8 naturally-occurring springs in corporate back offices, this variable top-shelf peaks when matched with the patience for sunrises through Norwegian polar nights and email responses in less than two weeks.

Calendar Hold Kahlua

Electronic meeting invites with cryptic descriptions like Catch-up, Quick chat, and Friday Afternoon Emergency 1–1 require sugar, a hint of rum, and standard office drip coffee from the 9th floor breakroom. This fundamental addition to any department’s sideboard underscores unexpected twists with an ethereal vibe. Balance with phone settings on airplane mode.

While Gen-X-Zima is best when combined with realistic bites of fish & meat, the Board Chair 6-Pack is really just a cooler of beers for the golf cart…and the Support Ticket Old Fashioned Punch delivers a simple jolt after needling requests for the WiFi password.